Sessions for the Academic year 2020-21

Due to the global pandemic, our classroom sessions for the Academic Year 2020-21 are temporarily suspended till the situation is under control. However, we believe that external environment should not prevent our kids from all the fun and benefits our program has to offer.


Considering this, we have curated an Online version of our Creative Lego Module. While we have made some changes to the format of our classroom module to suit the requirements of an online module, we assure you that this module will be as enjoyable, fruitful and engaging for our kids as our classroom module.

The Kids Company's Online Creative Lego Sessions


We, at The Kids Company are constantly endeavoring to create innovative ways to engage with our kids. After months of rigorous planning, we have curated an Online version of our Creative Lego Module.

Highlights of The Kids Company's Online Module:

  • Planned, structured and progressive Lego curriculum

  • Encouraging open ended creativity, exploration, spatial and reasoning skills

  • Each session entails (non manual based) specially curated unique creations

  • Eligibility : Children in the age group of 4-8 years

  • Sessions will be conducted by a Certified Lego instructor & a qualified E.C.C.Ed. teacher

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