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Parent Feedback

Happy Children + Satisfied Parents = Accomplished Us!

Being a teacher with my Masters in Counseling, I was looking for an atmosphere of creativity for my little one. I am truly glad we found Ms. Dhara. Her board games sessions have been so interesting that our family time now revolves around board games. The little one is always finding easy builds online to carry to class. Once they grow up, their life has so much more academics and such less creativity that I strongly recommend these sessions for younger kids.

Thank you Ms. Dhara for adding so much joy and creativity in our lives

 - Mansi G, Kabeer's Mommy

We started our first ever Lego sessions in December and that too virtually with Dhara teacher. And within this short span of 3-4 months my 5 year old has developed passion for Lego. I would give all credit to Dhara for this. The sessions are well structured, simplified and theme based which makes very interesting for kids and make them to be more creative. My daughter now likes to spend her free time in exploring and building her own creations with LEGO and making stories around it. She anyways doesn’t have any screen time so LEGO sessions are win win for us. I don’t have to stress on how I can keep her occupied especially when we are in nuclear setup and under these times when kids are at home for most of the time.

- Pooja M, Kashvi's Mommy 

So here's a big shout out to Miss Dhara of TKC Lego class. Totally appreciate the detailed pattern of each thematic class . Despite online classes, Miss Dhara provides personal attention to each and every kid in the class. Another point I'd like to mention is that in each step of creating a new piece the child is encouraged to anticipate the next step which indirectly motivates the child to think and create independently. Also due importance is given to home assignments for every week. Thank you Miss Dhara for the ever so innovative Lego classes which my daughter thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to every week. 

- Riddhi R, Mishita's Mom

The one thing my son missed the most in this lockdown, were his Dhara teacher's Lego classes. But thanks to the virtual sessions, he's back with his favourite class and favourite teacher!
Kudos to Dhara for making the transition so smooth and effective. All the kids have adapted so well and she keeps them involved with every session. You can actually see how the kids are super attentive and actively participating in each session.
Thanks Dhara as always for making learning so much fun!!
All the best!!

 - Bhavna L, Shiven's Mommy

Dhara is one of the most creative person I have meet, she has inculcate innovative ideas and it’s formation in Jiyan’s lego creation, very kind and super friendly with kids. Very much recommend!! If you want your kid to think out of the box for lego, Dhara is one stop for it.. Thank you so much Dhara!

Nidhi S, Jiyansh's Mommy

Dhara is an extremely understanding teacher. She ensures that each student gets attention and is following the creation despite it all being online. She encourages the students to be independent and forges her own relationship with them that helps them stay engaged and open their minds to new possibilities.

We loved her classes and will be back for more!

- Aparna J, Tara's Mom

Dhara is a fabulous teacher.
I remember before my son started the class, he barely was interested in LEGO. Within 2 or 3 turns itself he completely changed and found this new love and excitement for LEGO.
The attention she gives each child in class even though we are doing it online and the way she patiently and enthusiastically teaches him and the other kids to build is remarkable.
Now everytime my son builds something at home as well, he first wants to show it to Dhara, and she also reverts back very sweetly, complimenting him and this encourages him to build more things.
Thank you Dhara. 😊😊

-Kruti B, Kabir's Mommy

The Kids Company is the best activity class for Lego and also they have an amazing board game activity centre. That said, Dhara miss is amazing at concept development and her teaching is soo structured yet personal ensuring no kid is left out in the learning process. The weekly pictures and reviews shared by her are an added bonus. I have seen my son develop both logically and creatively in her class

- Neha S, Jiyansh's Mommy

The Kids Company has always been one of my son's favourite classes. Never thought Dhara miss would be able to create as much fun and excitement online. I'm sure it's been challenging for her as well to keep the kids engaged and wanting more but it was a job done brilliantly! Thank you Dhara! Kabir has enjoyed each and every session of his Lego class and has always proudly showed off all the wonderful creations to everyone possible :)

- Shreya B, Kabir's Mommy

Lego improves kids focus and concentration, develops fine motor skill and it also induces a naturally calming effect on the brain… would highly recommend TKC with Miss Dhara.. kids love her class. Also, kids can learn new board games each week.
My son was with Miss Dhara for good 3yrs.. and he still wishes to continue

- Renuka P, Vivaan'sMom

My child has been loving the classes and looks forward to it on a weekly basis. The class helps the children to build independently and even gives them confidence to try new things on their own. It has helped his creativity Nd thinking skills. Dhara teacher has been exceptionally good in conducting the classes and teaching them.

Would definitely recommend it!

 - Pavan H, Ram's Daddy

When we joined Lego classes with Dhara, we were a little apprehensive about how she would teach such a hands on game virtually to the kids, but she is brilliant at it and is extremely patient with the kids and parents. From explaining the concepts clearly, teaching the kids about symmetry, letting them explore ideas on their own and even experimenting with the pieces, Dhara does a fabulous job. This is one of the few classes my son actually gets excited about. This is one of the few good things that came out of the Covid lockdown. I am sure i would have never ventured out to Juhu for classes and this lockdown brought this class into my living room.

So grateful for it. Keep rocking Dhara! 👍🏻👍🏻❤️

- Aparna M, Prithvi's Mommy

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