Our Programs

​"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning"


- Diane Ackernam

Our multi leveled, fun filled, creative and intellectually stimulating programs caters to children in the age group of 3 – 8 years. We specialize in academic enrichment, brain games, building logical intelligence, instilling creative thinking through LEGO and teaching through play
Board Game Program

Each session has a surprise mix of internationally best selling and award winning educational games, brain tickling activities like puzzles/mazes, crosswords, Sudoku to challenge each child's logic and application based skills.


Improving each child's skills related to logical thinking, problem solving, self management, communication and inter personal skills.


Duration: Hourly/Weekly

Time: Morning, Noon & Evening

Mode: Classroom

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Creative Lego Program
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We take our kids on a journey to explore their imagination & creativity using hundreds of colorful and unique LEGO bricks. Each session entails specially curated creations (non manual based) where the kids get to explore the unlimited possibilities of using Lego bricks.


Encouraging open ended creativity and exploration along with working on our builders spatial and reasoning skills. 

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Duration: Hourly/Weekly

Time: Morning, Noon & Evening

Mode: Classroom

Best of Both
These sessions are a perfect blend of logically stimulating activities & creative exploration as they are a mix of both, our Board Game and our Creative Lego Program

Duration: 1.5 hours/Weekly

Time: Noon & Evening 

Mode: Classroom

Online Creative Lego Program

​A planned, structured and progressive Lego curriculum where we encourage open ended creativity, exploration, spatial and reasoning skills. We inspire our kids to built various Lego creations as we guide them with our building tips and innovative creation ideas.

And all this from the location of your choice!


Over the last two years our online program has reached children from Pan India, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Switzerland and Japan.


Duration: Hourly/Weekly

Time: Global time zone

Mode: Online

Highlights of our Programs: 

* Planned, structured and progressive curriculum

* Creative Lego sessions encourages creativity, exploration of imagination, spatial and reasoning skills 

* Curated board games - includes award winning international best sellers

* Brain tickling games & activities based on logical reasoning to encourage critical thinking

* Challenging puzzles/ mazes/ crosswords and Sudoku

* Breaking geographical barriers, welcoming kids from across the globe for our online sessions

* Eligible for children in the age group of 3 - 8 years

* Small batch strength - maximum of 8 kids per batch

* Sessions are planned and conducted by a Certified Lego Instructor and a qualified E.C.C.Ed teacher