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Our story

Back in 2008, an M.B.A. working in a MNC, Dhara Mehta was unaware that the sabbatical taken then to embrace motherhood would be her final goodbye to the corporate world! Read on to know the story behind the launch of The Kids Company®
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The spark ...

While she was raising her son, Dhara picked up a very important insight, ‘Play is the work of childhood and the highest form of education’

On observing mommies & children around she realized that while play was a part of a child’s routine it was often used by caregivers as a form of relaxation or break from learning. However as a mother she realised that PLAY was the best educational tool an adult could have!

This thought ignited a spark in her; to create a service which could bridge this gap of play & learning. It did sound vague to many, but Dhara believed in her dream.

Planning ...

Being a perfectionist, Dhara wanted to delve more deeper into the subject and hence took up a formal course in Early Childhood Care and Education.  She also worked in a daycare cum activity centre to gain practical experience. Both, theoretical knowledge and practical experience reinforced her belief that early childhood education should be filled with lots of enjoyment and play so that children do not miss out on the most important ingredient of growing up. She worked on the insight for almost a year after which she launched The Kids Company® in 2013. 

Continuous Innovation 

When TKC was launched, they had only the Board Game module to offer. As years passed on, Dhara realized that Lego which is an excellent tool to touch the creative side of her children should not be missed out. Since Lego is an open ended toy, to weave it in a curriculum and a structured class was not easy. After engaging into hours of Lego play and getting a Certified Lego Education provider badge she introduced the Creative Lego Module which has been loved by both, her children and parent community!

TKC's program has benefited and touched the lives of hundreds of kids not only from the vicinity but even the kids from overseas who have attended their sessions while on a holiday to India. Honoring their requests and for ease of accessibility, in 2020 TKC launched an Online Learning Module.

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