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Grooving with the i- Generation!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

This post is for parents of children who fall in the generation one would call – the 'i-generation.' One doesn't actually need to define what this generation is about.

If your child is exposed to any one or more of the following - an ipad, a laptop, smart phone or a tablet, this article is worth reading.

No one would doubt the pros and cons these gadgets come with. The most common concern bothering parents is the damage these gadgets cause on the precious eyesight of their loved ones. However eyesight damage is just one of the various troubles associated with these gadgets. Having studied some children of this 'i-generation' and observing their behavior, I would like to state the findings through this article. The so called 'entertaining and engaging gadgets', unknowingly leave some early detrimental impact on your loved ones.

Here are a few pointers which we as adults need to keep a watch on while we give in to the so called 'gadget time/ screen time' for our little ones.

Does he know the rules of the game?

Parents download games and often leave the understanding bit to the child stating that 'Oh Nick is a smart child… he can figure out the game on his own!' But as parents, we need to keep a watch on whether the child is leaving a game without finishing it. Is he switching between games too fast? If so, sit with him and ask 'What's the problem?' Children may not understand the rules of the game and that may cause them to switch to other games. Ensure that the child is aware of the rules before he starts playing a game.

The long term implication of this on a child is that when he grows up he may not bother to know all facts and just make premise on half know facts.

Is his sitting posture correct?

There has been an increase in the number of young tots complaining of neck pain. Blame it on the tiny gadget on their laps. While we hand over the gadget in our child's hands, we need to ensure that the sitting posture of our child is correct while he's busy entertaining himself. Extended exposure to the gadget with a neck down position can cause serious damage to the delicate neck muscles of your child. Always ensure the child is sitting upright with the gadget in front of him and not on his lap.

Is he quitting games as he can't cross challenging levels?

When your junior plays a game and masters it, it certainly boosts his confidence. He would be elated that he could cross various levels on his own. However we need to monitor what does he do when he's stuck at a tricky level? At times children are not ready to accept failure. We need to encourage them to flex their brain muscles and try to cross the difficult levels too!

Life is competitive and our little ones need to accept that and be open to failures too. Eventually they are going to be in a world where different challenges will lay ahead of them and there will be no 'quit' icon then.

So parents, even though the games your child would be playing are educative in nature, teaching them various concepts and helping them to polish their strategizing skills, do keep in mind the above pointers the next time before you hand over a gadget to your little one.

Happy parenting :) #thekidscompany #parenting #earlychilddevelopment #toddler #screentime This article was contributed by Dhara Mehta for the parenting website Babychakra


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