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An open note to my students

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

My Dear Students,

Our warm hugs are replaced by waving each other a virtual hi,

My glitter pen stars are replaced by giving a high five to the screen,

Talking time over is replaced by mute yourself,

I miss decorating the classroom for you all & I miss our tiffin time talks!

We may be physically apart, but my dear students,

I do notice your new t-shirt & you notice my nail paint.

I shall always wait when you falter & give you that extra attention when needed,

At times you may feel I’m fast but my dear student, I’m just trying to push you to try and reach your full potential!

There are days when the WiFi signal is poor at either ends,

But don’t get disheartened dear, I shall surely help you catch up!

I love the way you patiently wait for me when I get logged out and welcome me back with your BIG warm smiles!

Thank you for being my students, my bacchas, my darlings!

Blessed to be your Miss, Teacher, Aunty, Didi, Mam’ or only Dhara :)

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