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The one thing my son missed the most in this lockdown, were his Dhara teacher's Lego classes. But thanks to the virtual sessions, he's back with his favourite class and favourite teacher!
Kudos to Dhara for making the transition so smooth and effective. All the kids have adapted so well and she keeps them involved with every session. You can actually see how the kids are super attentive and actively participating in each session.
Thanks Dhara as always for making learning so much fun!!
All the best!!

 - Bhavna Lilani, Shiven's Mom (Member since 2018)

My son absolutely loves going to both the modules at The Kids Company! He actually looks forward to it so much that each day after he is back from school, he has to ask atleast once - “Do we have Dhara teachers class today?”
He has learnt so much from these classes it’s difficult to write so much, but most of all he has immense love for Lego thanks to Dhara ❤️

- Disha Maniar, Aarav's Mom (2017-2019)

One of the best classes for Lego!! Dhara is wonderful with the kids and they clearly adore her! My daughter actually looks forwards to her Lego class! Have seen a very nice improvement in her motor and cognitive skills!! She amazes me with the things she cab imagine and build with Lego!!

 - Chinmayee Paul, Risha's Mom (2018-20)

The concept is brilliant. Dhara is very organised & trains the children to be independent.My son looks forward to his Lego Class every week.After joining the Kids Company-juhu he has become more confident using Lego blocks. Dhara brings out the best in every child. Each & every child's creation is unique.

- Haspreet Thawani, Siddharth's Mom, Online Sessions 

A class with Dhara miss is what my 5 year old looks forward to every week. She is fun, she cares and she makes them play games. And Dhara has given me insight into aspects of my child's personality that I wasn't even aware of. So thank you, Ms. Dhara! We love you.

 - Aditi Goradia, Abir & Nived's Mom (2016 & 2019)

My nearly 4 year old kid has been going there for a few months now. I am seeing her improve in terms of socialisation, concentration and structured playing and confidence overall. Dhara's approach is great and my otherwise shy kid is very keen to attend her sessions... So much so that she cries when there's a holiday!

Dhara, believe me when I say this...this was the first ever class my son Anmol has attended...before coming to you, Anmol was an introvert which was a bit of concern to me. The brain stimulating games which u played with them in fun way were really awesome...He loved every session and used to look forward to attend ur class every Monday...and I have to admit that today Anmol is a very different boy. He has started interacting with other kids and playing with them as a team member. kudos to you for the efforts taken!! Thank you very much Dhara teacher!!

 - Sampada Joshi, Anmol's Mom (2015-2016)

 - Pamela Partasarathy, Barhishaa's Mom (2019-20)

We organised Lego workshop during our Annual corporate event and it was the highlight. Kids totally loved it and had a terrific time.

It's almost a year with Dhara Miss and Rivka is still throughly enjoying the class, which says that it is stimulating and novel enough for her to want to go to it eagerly every time....which in turn speaks volumes for you sure must be making quite an effort to keep them involved n enthralled.

 - Ramona Bahadur, Rivka's Mom (2015-2017)

 - Geeta Shah, V.M. Ware's Annual Corporate Event 

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